Lodge-change of plans

So the original plan was to remodel the lodge and rent it out. We have decided to move into it. We have moved out of the apartment in the shop and into the lodge. The Lodge and Luxury are attached to each other but there is a empty room between them that we have sealed off and insulated to sound proof.

We are going to turn the apartment at the front of the shop, that we’ve lived in the last year, into a rental. It will be called the Hideaway, we are installing a jacuzzi tub and then it will be ready to rent, hopefully by mid April.

The Presidential

The Presidential is now open for business, we have rented it several times already. The presidential is built into one side of Stable. It has two master bedrooms (1 king and 2 queens) both with their own master baths with Jacuzzis and showers, full kitchen, dining table and living area with infrared fireplace. The deck has some incredible sunset mountain vista views and has patio furniture and a weber charcoal grill. It sleeps 6 very comfortably. Try it out we know you’ll like it.

Summer look back

We had a fantastic summer, not only was the weather great, fairly cool for our area, business was booming as well. We were very blessed to be full all summer and starting off full in the fall too, we thank God for all the blessings he’s bestowed on us.

With Summer being very busy we weren’t able to get much work done on the lodge, the luxury has been rented almost continuously, I did redo the tile floor and wall area where the wood stove goes and a little more flooring work done but that’s about it.

The Cozy got a new red metal roof and it turned out pretty good, makes the cabin pop and looks much better. I also put a new shingle roof on the red studio, which will be a future housekeeping storage/laundry area for our housekeeping ops. The Chalet has new appliances now too so the 3 cabins with full kitchens have new appliances now.

Most of our time this summer was spent with general upkeep, housekeeping, mowing, etc, this winter we’re hoping to get the lodge completed and some more updates on the Cozy and Loft.

Fall leaves are almost at peak color right now, it’s beautiful here, if you haven’t had the chance to take in the Eureka area in the fall I hope you can next year. We thank all of our guests for staying with us and helping us to continue to improve Bear Mountain.

Thank you from the Cliftons.

May Update

The beginning of May we were able to open back up from the covid shutdown, we are very thankful. May ended up being a fairly busy month and June is very full. We aren’t as able to get as much remodeling work done with the cabins rented but what a great problem, we obviously need the revenue.

We are still remodeling the Lodge, I spent a lot of time leveling the main floor, it’s the oldest log cabin home here and needs a lot of work. The upstairs is painted and now I’m starting to lay flooring upstairs. I’m not able to do any work that makes much noise since it’s next door with the Luxury and the Luxury is rented all the time.

We have upgraded the appliances in the Cozy and Lodge to black refrigerators and stoves, they look very nice. We’ve updated the cozy with a leather sleeper sofa and new table in the kitchen for two. Little by little the place is starting to look pretty good.

April update

We’ve been taking advantage of the Corona Virus staycation and working diligently on the cabins and the property. Landscaping has improved, we built a chicken coop (fresh eggs anyone?) we’ve added a flagpole (yay Murica!) and we’ve been staining the outside of two of the cabins. The exterior staining of the cabins is a slow process because it’s weather dependent and much of its labor/time that goes into stripping it just to prepare to stain. We anticipate being finished with that by May 1. We also have started working on the lodge, we were hoping to have it completed in April but now we’ve moved that back to June 1. It’s warmer now woohoo, and spring is beautiful, we are taking reservations for May, can’t wait to host you.

Chris and Melissa

Latest updates and plans

As of Valentine’s day we now have a King bed in the main bedroom in each Cabin. We have updated some ceiling fans and blinds. We still have some blinds on back-order and some more fans to install as well as light fixtures.

The next major project is to remodel the Lodge. The lodge is our largest unit, a 3 bedroom log cabin home that adjoins the Luxury Cabin. We are putting in new flooring, paint fixtures, etc and will hopefully have it online by April.

Updates- king beds

We’ve begun updating the cabins, we are prioritizing and replacing critical items first. We have upgraded beds in some units already, a four post canopy king bed in the Luxury suite, a king size log bed in the Chalet and a king size log bed in the Loft. A king size log bed is being built for the Cozy cabin and then we will install it soon. We’re excited about upgrading our guests comfort.

Welcome to Bear Mountain

Melissa and I have recently purchased Bear Mountain Log Cabins and are very excited for this new adventure. We are in the process of updating and remodeling the cabins and grounds. If you have suggestions we’d love to hear them as we want to make this the best guest experience we can.

Location was one of the main drivers for why we bought Bear Mountain. The Cabins are close to several big attractions; Mountaing Biking at Leatherwood, Beaver Lake, White River, Table Rock, Holiday Island and of course Eureka Springs.

The peaceful settings and wonderful views from the cabin decks and from around the property really made us both see there is something special here, we hope you do to.

Chris Clifton