The Stable at Bear Mountain

We have exciting news to share. In October we completed the purchase of Bear Mountain Riding stable. When we first looked at the Bear Mountain operation, it was composed of Cabins and the Trail riding stable. We initially purchased the cabins, just focusing on lodging operations and didn’t think we’d pursue the Stables.

After spending some time looking the stables over and realizing there were two nice apartments in them and the potential to add to our lodging operations and turn it into a first class wedding venue we decided to take the plunge and made an offer and fortunately were able to close on the stables and another 20 acres.

We have a multi step plan for the Stable:

First step is two things; which is to get the apartments rent ready and get landscaping up to an acceptable level of curb appeal. One apartment was called the dude ranch, it’s a beautiful very large 2 master bedroom apartment (both with jacuzzie master baths), approximately 1500 sq ft,, full kitchen, great deck with incredible mountain top view. We are going to call this apartment the Presidential, it will be decorated with U.S. President history/pictures/books/art, etc. The other apartment we will call The Bridal, it opens into the current event space which seats 75 and is a natural fit for weddings. We’ll theme it around Brides and a preparation area for them and still make it appealing to guests who are visiting Eureka for pleasure.

Step 2 will be to convert the main stable area to make it a main wedding/event area it should hold approximately 120-150. This may include removing the loft to make high catheral like ceilings. Inside the stables in mostly all oak, so we aim to continue a rustic yet upscale feel when finish it.

Step 3 is to put a large concrete patio off the front of Stables for outdoor weddings, capacity of 150 is the goal. A Pavilion may be added to it later on.

Step 4 is to add a covered patio area on the back of the stables for bands, receptions, etc

There is a lot of work in front of us but we’re very excited to do it and make Bear Mountain a first class operation.

The Cliftons

Summer look back

We had a fantastic summer, not only was the weather great, fairly cool for our area, business was booming as well. We were very blessed to be full all summer and starting off full in the fall too, we thank God for all the blessings he’s bestowed on us.

With Summer being very busy we weren’t able to get much work done on the lodge, the luxury has been rented almost continuously, I did redo the tile floor and wall area where the wood stove goes and a little more flooring work done but that’s about it.

The Cozy got a new red metal roof and it turned out pretty good, makes the cabin pop and looks much better. I also put a new shingle roof on the red studio, which will be a future housekeeping storage/laundry area for our housekeeping ops. The Chalet has new appliances now too so the 3 cabins with full kitchens have new appliances now.

Most of our time this summer was spent with general upkeep, housekeeping, mowing, etc, this winter we’re hoping to get the lodge completed and some more updates on the Cozy and Loft.

Fall leaves are almost at peak color right now, it’s beautiful here, if you haven’t had the chance to take in the Eureka area in the fall I hope you can next year. We thank all of our guests for staying with us and helping us to continue to improve Bear Mountain.

Thank you from the Cliftons.