Directions to Bear Mountain: Please be careful using GPS, many are wrong and will not take you to the right place.  We are on Hwy 62 and we are 2 miles west of Eureka Springs City Limits.  We are 1 mile west of the lake Leatherwood turnoff and less than half a mile from the mountain bike trail drop in for Lake Leatherwood.

Bear Mountain Property Layout Map

When you see the sign for Bear Mountain in front of our cabins, the Luxury is on the left and the Lodge is on the right.  They are located right on Hwy 62.  Park on the right for the Lodge and on the left for the Luxury.

Also the Cozy cabin is just left of the Luxury and shares a driveway and parking with it.

To get to the Loft cabin first go to the entrance on the left of the Luxury and Lodge and drive past the Cozy, turn left behind the cozy and proceed 200 yards to arrive at the Loft.

To get to the Chalet from the front of the property at the sign or Lodge/Luxury.  Go west on Hwy 62 for a few hundred yards and turn right on county road 206 (there are also Wolf Ridge stone signs and a large red barn on the left), go 100 yards and turn right at the Bear silhouette, there is a private drive for about 50 yards that leads to the Chalet.