Latest updates and plans

As of Valentine’s day we now have a King bed in the main bedroom in each Cabin. We have updated some ceiling fans and blinds. We still have some blinds on back-order and some more fans to install as well as light fixtures.

The next major project is to remodel the Lodge. The lodge is our largest unit, a 3 bedroom log cabin home that adjoins the Luxury Cabin. We are putting in new flooring, paint fixtures, etc and will hopefully have it online by April.

Updates- king beds

We’ve begun updating the cabins, we are prioritizing and replacing critical items first. We have upgraded beds in some units already, a four post canopy king bed in the Luxury suite, a king size log bed in the Chalet and a king size log bed in the Loft. A king size log bed is being built for the Cozy cabin and then we will install it soon. We’re excited about upgrading our guests comfort.