May Update

The beginning of May we were able to open back up from the covid shutdown, we are very thankful. May ended up being a fairly busy month and June is very full. We aren’t as able to get as much remodeling work done with the cabins rented but what a great problem, we obviously need the revenue.

We are still remodeling the Lodge, I spent a lot of time leveling the main floor, it’s the oldest log cabin home here and needs a lot of work. The upstairs is painted and now I’m starting to lay flooring upstairs. I’m not able to do any work that makes much noise since it’s next door with the Luxury and the Luxury is rented all the time.

We have upgraded the appliances in the Cozy and Lodge to black refrigerators and stoves, they look very nice. We’ve updated the cozy with a leather sleeper sofa and new table in the kitchen for two. Little by little the place is starting to look pretty good.

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